Inside Your Apartment

Please take care and respect your apartment and the contents and please leave it as you found it. We would appreciate you advising us of any breakages or replacements required for your apartment.

On arrival, we supply complementary tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

Toilet rolls and soap are in the bathrooms.

Dishcloth and pot scour, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder are under the sink.

Washing powder is in the main bathroom.

This is a starter pack and is not replenished during your stay.


If you would like assistance in operating an appliance, please ask for help.

Towels and Washing:

Clothes airers are provided for your use as towels and/or other washing is not to be hang from any Balcony as this is a breach of the Body Corporate By-law Regulations


When staying more than one week, clean linen will be distributed to your apartment door.  Please leave soiled linen outside your apartment in the linen bag provided for collection the following day.  Please place any unused linen on top of the linen bag.

Servicing of Unit:

Guests wishing to have their apartment “serviced” may do so by arrangement with reception. Prices for servicing may vary according to your requirements so please enquire at reception.

Power Failure:

The fuse box is located in the cupboard in the hallway.  There is a Safety Switch and individual circuit breakers on each fuse.

Power failures can occur from:

  • A black out caused by a failure in the supply
  • A short circuit which is usually caused by an appliance failure, fault or overload

If outside of office hours, please contact us on 0425 363 353 for assistance.

Apartment Curtains:

Please ensure extra care is taken with regards to the care of the apartment curtains.  Whenever any of the doors or windows are open, we ask that you ensure the curtains are completely drawn open.  Wind damages the curtains when doors and windows are left open as a quick change in weather will cause the wind to blow the curtains out which in turn leads to tearing and damage of the curtains.

Wind and rainstorms can develop without warning in Queensland’s tropical weather, so PLEASE close doors and windows before leaving your unit for any length of time.


Foxtel is available on the analogue network.  Free to air channels are on the digital network.

Pending on your TV, to switch between the analogue and digital network you will either;

a).  Press the Input TV button located on your TV remote.  The Foxtel channels range between channel 1 and 10 on the analogue network.

b).  Use the channel button to move up to the channels located in the 900 range.  The Foxtel Channels range between 901 – 910.

The Channels available are; Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports 3, Fox Sports 4, Sky News,  Nickelodeon, Fox 8, Movie Greats, Movie One, Movie Extra

Emergency & Other Useful Numbers:

Emergency: Police, Fire, Ambulance dial 000

Building Emergency: 0425 363 353

Coolangatta Police: 5589 8444

Tweed Heads Hospital: 536 1133

John Flynn Hospital: 5598 9000

Poisons Information Centre: 131 126

Tweed / Coolangatta Taxi Service: 131 008

Telephone System:

In House Calls:  To contact Reception, dial 9.

Call Other Units: You can phone friends staying in other units by dialing their extension number:

Unit Extension
1A 203
1B 222
2A 205
2B 206
3A 207
3B 208
4A 209
4B 210
5A 241
6A 213
7A 215
7B 216
8B 218
9A 219
9B 220
10A 221
11A 223
11B 224
12A 225
13A 227
13B 228
14A 229
15A 231
15B 217

Incoming Calls:  Please advise your family and friends of your extension number. The number for Bayview Apartments is (07) 5536 9122. They need to know your extension number to contact you directly.

Outgoing Calls: To make an outgoing call: Dial 0; wait for dial tone, then dial the number you require. You can make outside calls 24hrs.